What is Your IP Address?

Your IP

Internet protocol data
Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4)
Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6)
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Internet browser data
Browser version
Operating system (OS)
Device type
IP location data
Time zone
Postal code

What's on the page: My IP

Above is your public IP address. When you enter any website, the server that hosts that website it identifies you with this IP address. It is not constant with most ISPs and it changes from time to time - on the 'My IP' page you can check what it is currently.

What is an IP address?

The abbreviation IP is taken from the English language and it stands for 'Internet Protocol Address' - which means Internet Protocol Address. It is given to every device that connects to the network and enables communication. Each IP address currently used can appear in two versions: IPv4 and IPv6, some addresses are fixed and the device does not change it when connecting to the Internet, but there are also changing IP addresses - then the device can change it every time it connects to the Internet.